Friday, August 28, 2009

Bad Town & Spick Of It All @ The Garden Bowl (aug. 27th)

Last night was interesting. After a 4 hour conversation with one of the original (Michigan) Courage Crew members and Niceguy-Rob, which involved German and Domestic beers being destroyed...our trek to the show began. The true way to start the evening is to listen to something ridiculous like blue-grass country, like us...

We arrive around 10pm or so to a busy bar of new and old punk-rockers. Some people who have been hanging out there as long as some people have been alive. Lots of old, familiar faces are peppered through out the Garden Bowl. First up was Spick Of It All. Per usual, Amado (singer) had props and confetti. They tore through a 25 minute set that included my personal favorite "Ses Pack" (aka Six Pack). It was nice to see people mosh to this band, considering the last few times I've seen them...the crowd seemed "too cool for school".

Bad Town came on next and let me tell was almost like watching Op Ivy: fuck-ups, beers, people moving (fast), skanking. It all happend. For a second, I think I saw a few people smile like it was the good old days. Sad that it takes a cover band to make people feel excited to be out, in Detroit, on a Thursday night.

My suggestion....keep your fucking eyes peeled for the next Bad Town show. For serious.

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  1. I'd like for both of these bands to come to Lansing soon.