Tuesday, May 11, 2010

what happens when you bite the hand that feeds....

As of late, it would seem like a lot of the 'older crowd' is growing restless with the new class of punk, hardcore, and metal kids. I only say this because there was an incident recently, in which a few 'older people' lashed out against the efforts of some younger, wise-ass kids who wanted to create change in their community. This desire to change their surroundings came out of a pile of jokes but when you break away the sarcastic sense of humor...what lies beneath is refreshing, to say the least. In a city where even spontaneous shows have become mundane, it would seem that more than 4 people want to see things move forward (with respect to those who were a part of the past). This is not always the case. Now, I understand the whole 'the way things were' song and dance. What I can't understand is the resistance that is met once you climb up the ladder of motivation. Who the naysayers are, what bands they are from, or what papers they used to write for means very little at this point.

For people who were so dedicated that even at the age of let's say 35+, some of which are still elbow deep in the community they helped build....they sure are a confused, jaded, and disgruntled group of folks. No one is trying to erase what you did with your life. If anything...these four kids are trying to help you.

'with great power, come great responsibility.'