Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Love Note or Two....

September 27 at 3:49pm
Hey, what's up? Are you interested in playing a show on Saturday, Nov. 13th w/ Thieves (IL), and The Armed at Corktown Tavern? If so, get at me for details.
September 27 at 8:02pm 
working to much and still broke.. whats going on man, i haven't seen u in a min. how you doing? we actually are playing in Cleavland on the 13th. Them bands got that new hardcore style i like that, but do you think our bands would really go good together? you setting up shows now?
Me...September 28 at 12:12am
Yeah. Been setting up shows for a minute and would love to do something with The Ratfinks. It has been far too long. I hate booking the same 5 bands for the same genre and lately the bands I've been working with wanna "color just outside the lines", know what I mean?
September 28 at 4:13pm 
i hear you loud and clear on the same "type" shit for sure. we want to play corktown i hear nothing but good things about that place. i actually have a couple of bands that i want to bring up here (trading shows trying to get on the road). would you be down to help me set some shit up?
September 28at 5:09pm
it would be an honor to set up shows with you. keep me posted.
November 18 at 4:44pm 
hey shawn i want to set something up at the tavern on a sat in jan or feb with us the plain dealers from cleavland, udi, and buttlock (or whatever there bands name is now) i also want to set a show up with for this band money shot from indy.
November 19 at 8:43am
Sweet! I will email Holly.
November 23 at 1:27am
I got Saturday, Feb. 19th at Corktown Tavern. Ratfinks, UDI, Plaindealers, and Buttlock? Can you contact Plaindealers and Buttlock? I will hit up Mike Ratt.

December 2 at 3:59pm

Hey, what's up? Holly confirmed Saturday, Feb. 19th...Are you still interested in putting together the show with you guys, UDI, Plaindealers (who are fucking sweet), and "Buttlock"? I would like to get on promoting this show asap.

I hope all is well you and the rest of The Ratfinks!


December 4 at 4:41pm
hey man, my drummer fil went up to the tavern on wed to confirm the date and it was double booked luckly it was with scott aminos new band so he moved his date to the 3rd insted. but yeah thanks for talking to holly for us. mike is makeing a flyer the show right now, ill send it to you when its done.
the line up (from last to first) is the ratfinks / the plaindealers / udi / broken teeth.

December 4 at 4:42pm
scotts show is on the 3rd- were still on the 19th i meant.

December 5 at 11:25am awesome! sounds good. i wanna get on promoting this show asap. thanks for getting the bands together and whatnot. my partner in crime, sara, and i are very excited about this show. .

December 16 at 6:33pm
hey shawn i think were a little un-clear somewhere, i was asking you for some help hooking something up, not your booking group. we will be running the door and the show. and since fil confirmed the date (that was double booked) when he went to check it out.... you know what im saying, we basicly eneded up doing it our self's anyway.

sorry for the mix up. im still going to send you the flyer when its done an all that. thanks again tho.


December 16 at 6:53pm
Fair enough. Keep me posted.

December 19 at 4:07pm

The message you sent Sara (my partner in Silent Films Booking) was, by all accounts, rude. Especially when she and I are only trying to help some bands we know and love. As your friend and a fan of Ratfinks, I have to say I'am disappointed in how you choose to speak to us. We mean the very best and want to see bands do well. If you don't want our help for this show, that's totally fine but the way you are going about dealing with this miscommunication is counter-productive to making this a successful show. We only wanted to help and what we got for the part we played was a 'fuck off' instead of a 'thank you'.

You asked Silent Films Booking for help on a date where you could bring The Plain Dealers back to Michigan. We did that and started promoting as soon as you told me the line-up. I am incredulous that an adult would choose to conduct themselves in that manner.

We all have the same goals.


December 25 at 1:02pm
hows this for rude..

FUCK OFF. you guys are a fucking joke.

you want credit for doing NOTHING, NOTHING. - i was told not to deal with you guys be quite a few people but i still gave you a chance now i see why people dont want to deal with you clowns.

FUCK YOU dont fucking talk to me/us again.

both of you can go fuck your selfs...

i hope that was rude enough for you Bitch.

December 25 at 5:36pm
i am sorry you feel this way. we are not clowns nor are we bitches.

goodluck in the future,

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It wasn't suppose to turn out like this

I wish I could explain the series of events that have led me to where I have found myself today. Friends have come and gone (much like the bands I've dealt with over the years). 9 years of guarantees (paid or not), fighting with people/friends about money, burned bridges, etc. When I first got started, the guy who taught me most of everything I know (Jason Lockwood) told me two things: 1. there are gonna be times when you are gonna have to do things that will make you lose sleep at night 2. this is about the bands and nothing else.

There have, in fact, been times where I have had to tell friends/bands that the money thing didn't work out. Some of these friends won't speak to me anymore, nor will any of those bands book shows through me. It's always rough but I've learned that there will be a 'tomorrow' and the reason why I choose to be a booking agent is far more important than hurt feelings or relationships. No, I don't have the best reputation with some people but what I do have is a reputation (for better or worse). What I have done is my small way of giving back to a community that has given so much to me.

It's not about making a name for myself or the booking company that I started on my own: it's about the bands who struggle to make things work. It's about respect and honesty. Honestly, I respect this craft. I respect anyone who does this and continues to do it long after it's "not cool anymore". If you can stick with it, you have much bigger fucking balls than anyone else on the block (or in the bar for that matter).

Sunday, December 19, 2010

while detroit might be a concrete jungle, not everyone can be king kong

Take a good look at your surroundings.

We are in a concrete jungle. This jungle has it's predators and prey (self-righteous, self-absorbed attention whores and scenesters.) While survival is key no matter what, these animals have forgotten the word 'respect'. This generation of jaguars, alligators, monkeys, guerrillas, and snakes has failed in evolving into something great (the true sign of a successful existence). These animals, who's sole concern is to take, know only that: desire supersedes all else. WRONG.

The truly frustrating people is making these wild beasts understand that it isn't just them that has to survive out here. This jungle you stomp around in is at stake. Your domain in which you shit talk is at stake. Pull the foliage out of your face and take a look around. There is no room for single-minded actions. We either work together or we will watch this jungle burn to the ground....together.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holy Cow, I have not posted anything in a while...

Since the last blog, I have worked for the following artists:

  • Kate Nash
  • Toadies
  • In This Moment
  • Daniel Lanois
  • Guided By Voices
  • All That Remains
  • Screeching Weasels/Riverdales
  • Triptykon/1349
Also, I got to see Danzig and Marduk for the first time (fucking awesome). Highlight of the show? Danzig's mic is cutting out in the third song of his set. Finally, it just cuts out completely. Danzig walk off to "monitor world" (stage left), in the middle of a song. After his guitar player finished the song, Danzig comes back out and says "How many of you have a job? What would happen if you went to work and told your boss that you couldn't do your job?" The scream started booing and whatnot, so Danzig turns to the monitor guy and says "Well there you go, motherfucker. Do your job!"

Nerd alert: I got two extremely important and influential people....Tom Warrior and Matt Pike. Tom smiled and said "Hello". Matt Pike and I shook hands...he fucking thanked me for my hard work. WTF. I did nothing, you are the hard-working bad ass. If you don't know who they are, wikipedia their names. Enjoy!

A few of the past shows booked by Silent Films Booking:

  • Hellbastard (UK - Metal/Thrash)
  • Phobia (Orange County, CA - Grind)
  • Thieves (Chicago Hardcore)
  • State (Michigan - Punk)
  • Deep Earth (Chicago, Noise)

Also, I became somewhat of a member of The Plague Years.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

what happens when you bite the hand that feeds....

As of late, it would seem like a lot of the 'older crowd' is growing restless with the new class of punk, hardcore, and metal kids. I only say this because there was an incident recently, in which a few 'older people' lashed out against the efforts of some younger, wise-ass kids who wanted to create change in their community. This desire to change their surroundings came out of a pile of jokes but when you break away the sarcastic sense of humor...what lies beneath is refreshing, to say the least. In a city where even spontaneous shows have become mundane, it would seem that more than 4 people want to see things move forward (with respect to those who were a part of the past). This is not always the case. Now, I understand the whole 'the way things were' song and dance. What I can't understand is the resistance that is met once you climb up the ladder of motivation. Who the naysayers are, what bands they are from, or what papers they used to write for means very little at this point.

For people who were so dedicated that even at the age of let's say 35+, some of which are still elbow deep in the community they helped build....they sure are a confused, jaded, and disgruntled group of folks. No one is trying to erase what you did with your life. If anything...these four kids are trying to help you.

'with great power, come great responsibility.'

Friday, February 12, 2010

Try me.

There was an incident at work, this evening and it really made up my mind for me: there was a NO PICTURES/VIDEO rules, which was being broken by some drunk bitch who mouthed off to Jason. Her friends kinda started pushing Jason around...

If anyone ever touches one of my friends, while we are doing our job...I will take my security shirt and mop them with the fucking floor. Try me.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

1/27 - Terror Setlist (The Magic Stick, Detroit MI)

  • intro
  • out of my face
  • overcunt
  • last of the diehards
  • betrayer
  • lowest of the low
  • push it away
  • spit my rage
  • voice of the damned
  • let me sink
  • life & death
  • always the hardway
  • keep your mouth shut

Saturday, January 9, 2010

One of The Best Times of My Life (as a roadie/merch guy)....

Winter of 2006. Great White North V. The Nain Rouge, And The Sky Went Red, If He Dies He Dies, Today I Wait, and Day of The Robot (DOTR is a Buckethead tribute which featured ATSWR's bassist, Jordan Pries - they are fucking amazing!)

November 10th - Houghton Lake High School (Houghton Lake, MI)
Novemver 11th - Level II Skatepark (Houghton, MI)
November 12th - 231 House of Muses...RIP (Marquette, MI)

Three days doesn't look like much of a tour to those lucky enough to have been out for 90+ days. I tell you what though, having spent three days which such amazing bands/amazing dudes...three days seemed like a month (in a good way, of course.) That last night was a bummer cause some of us didn't want to go home. First night of the mini-tour was great cause it was at a high school but not so great cause half way through the show, a snow storm hit the area we were in with a vegence. The drive to Houghton, from Houghton Lake, is nothing short of 8-FUCKING-HOURS, so rather than chance it with 20 people in several vans...we stopped and some motel and got to rooms that were connected. Within the first 20 minutes of being in the rooms, at least 9 people had fucked up the toilets (typical of touring bands to take massive shits). After a few 30 packs, 5ths, and some joints, we all laid down (about 4 hours before we had to get up and be on our way to the next show).

The drive to Level II Skatepark was long but it was one of my favorites...Michigan pines are the best trees, I have decided....

I didn't have the pleasure of riding with any of the other bands but I do know, for a fact, that The Nain Rouge van was constantly filled with pot/cigarette smoke...that and music. One record that makes me think of the wilderness of Michigan is Isis' record 'In The Absence of Truth'. We met up with the "Iffy" dudes at Level II (they only played two shows with the tour). The booking agent for Level II, at the time, was a kid who was about to graduate and had figured out a way to "borrow" money from the school to pay for hotel rooms, case of beer, and 5ths for ALL of the bands. We pre-partied at the hotel and whatever we didn't finish...went right in the merch boxes. Being that this was my first time in Houghton, I wasn't sure what to expect. About an hour after doors, there was about 60 kids walking around and it seriously took me 10 minutes to notice that every kid there had already got two or three And The Sky Went Red shirts (they were known for having a 25-shirt selection and novelty items like beer coozees and a dress (some of which was only $5!). By the time Day of The Robot went on, it seemed like there was about 150 kids. The order of the show was as follows:
  • Day of The Robot
  • If He Dies He Dies
  • Today I Wait
  • The Nain Rouge
  • And The Sky Went Red
 At least 300 kids were there by the time Today I Wait was done. It was madness. Afetr the show, we went to a house party across the street and partied hard (so hard, just about all of the bands were in front of the house smashing bottles.) I crashed out around 6am and woke up around 10pm to people packing up their stuff. Apparently, one of the bands had pulled the fire alarm and almost emptied out the whole hotel. We were asked to leave by the manager and by Houghton PD. It was great.

The following show was pretty much the same: we drank a case and a 5th, smoked weed, and pretended like we were real fucking rock stars. What made the 231 House of Muses show great was an accident the singer of ATSWR, Austin, had during their 3rd or 4th song: he tried and fell into a cymbal. His nose split open and blood was all over his face (there is video of this incident, btw). We all had too much fun just "bro-ing down with our friends". Sometimes, that's all you need.