Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stage-Presence (or lack thereof)....

So what's the deal, bands? Even Black Dhalia Murder (or the original members that are still in the band) remember when they played their asses off to 20 people in a YMCA (and loved it). As we all know, some shows are gonna be better than others for many reasons (and it's not just cause the turn-out may or may not be there). Some of the best shows I've seen had maybe 25-30 people in attendence (example: As Friends Rust & Glasseater in my friend Jason Lockwood's basement in downtown Pontiac, MI...only about 30 something people.)

Rather than bore us with rhetoric about how shows suck these days and how "awesome" it is to play to other bands. No one wants to hear grown-folks complain...especially when it's partially their fuck-up that the turn-out isn't there. I mean, let's remember...the booking agent/promoter is responsible for alot but the lame isn't only ours to wear. There comes a point when people like me should get on a mic and talk about how much it sucks to do all of the work and get blamed for everything but credit for nothing.

You're letting me down. You're letting your friends down. You're selling yourself and your music short...because you have such a blase-attitude towards what you SHOULD be doing (including but not exclusive to giving 110% at every show and working with people who are only trying to help.) It takes a real asshole to point and yell. But it takes a real man/women to get involved, both literally and metaphorically. The choice is yours. I just hope you make the right one.

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