Tuesday, February 24, 2009

sweet bars....LANSING

the nuthouse and stober's are my favorite bars in lansing, mostly cause i dont have to deal with lame indie kids or lame hip-hop/metal kids. i suggest you go to these places, if you like to drink stuff that's bad for you.

Monday, February 9, 2009

some rambling about stuff (and a few things too)

For the few of us who were lucky enough to go away to summer camp have fond memories of making new/exciting friends, staying up late, forming little crushes, learning new skills, and growing as a young person. We recall stories of when we sat around a campfire and told scary stories or hikes in the woods. Some of us were even lucky enough to steal a kiss or two, whilst sneaking to and from a cabin or tent. There are a few of us who go camping from time to time and spend most of the trip drunk, stoned, or getting laid. Basically, all of those things are the very essence of "being on tour".
Some of my favorite times, on tour, were shared with strangers who I may never see again. The night spent, in the van, getting high and drinking lethal amounts of liquor/beer are (and were) priceless. Each of us who has been blessed with a ticket out of whatever state find some weird appreciation for sleeping in uncomfortable positions, in strange places, with "strange" people. Stolen kisses at a bar, hikes to and from gas stations when the van breaks down, learning how to change a tire on the side of the road (in a snow storm), how to convince cops to not search the van, and how to throw a few punches (when need be)...it's all worth it.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Feb. 6th @ Basement 414: Flesh Eating Flesh / Acoustic Corpse / Balboa

Dont start drinking Seagrams 7 three hours before you play a show...by the time your band is ready to play, you're going to be shit-faced.

The day started off, as it should, at the House of Bass: a blunt, a 7 & coke drink, and 7 & 7 shots. Flesh Eating Flesh and Kayzia of Acoustic Corpse are certainly dopesmokers, so it's no wonder we left late and arrived even later. Finding Basement 414 was an adventure in it's self....we went right to 414 E. Michigan (which is an apartment building.) After having somewhat of a Spinal Tap moment, where we walked through the basement to find the stage door, we came to the conclusion that we were in the wrong building all together. After a few frantic phone calls, we got on track and found the place.

Basement 414 is an all ages venue/art space tucked in a random alley near 'The Nuthouse' (one of the best sports bars in Lansing - fyi: i hate sports bars but L-O-V-E this one.) Walking in was a trip, literally: the space was set up in three rooms that were covered in acid-inspired artwork that was hanging from fishline that was taped or stapled to the ceiling. The guys and I did the once over almost immediately (that means we walked around and looked for places to drink and people who look like they might sell us some drugs.) After loading in and setting up, it was all over: some of us went to the liquor store and some of us stood around, mean-mugging everyone.

One thing I always find funny is bands that are from the area of whatever show...always want to play first or as early as possible (which was the case at this show, with Balboa.) Of course, after giving them what they wanted, they took off as soon as they were done playing (sorry I couldnt pay you guys a bunch of fucking money.) By the time Flesh Eating Flesh went on, they were wasted (at least Kurt, their singer, was blown out.)

After FEF's blazing-set of true death-metal, Kurt let loose: he picked fights with people who worked their. At one point, I had to try and drag him away (fyi: Kurt is 6'0" and pushing 240lbs.) We left after I was told security from the club upstairs was coming down to beat our asses. Needless to say, the drive home was quiet....either because everyone but "Kranker-Man" and Kurt feel asleep or because everyone, amidst the alcohol, was trying to compute what actually happend.

We got home after 4am.