Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Favorite Thing To Do At 1

I like giving people, especially lame scene kids, dirty looks. Apparently, while I'm far from 'threatening'...I have the face of a grizzled, jaded 20s something (to which I will neither agree nor deny). Maybe it's part defense mechanism (most people are suprisingly afraid of a dude who looks like he might stab someone)....or maybe it's my discontent for people who are trying to "change Detroit" showing through. Those people make me want to vomit. Alot.

Besides the dirty looks, I kinda dig talking to random people (if the conversation isn't interesting, I try to find an excuse as to why I have to keep working. Yes, I have done this to people who are NOT strangers.) Some people have really interesting stories (ie. Thornetta Davis, blues singer from Detroit). Other people, who will remain nameless, should stay the fuck home. Not only do I not like talking to these people...I also don't like knowing they are having fun and I'am not (some people should be banned from having fun for how much of a fucking douchebag they may or may not be.) Problem solving with drunks is another story all together. While some drunks are really easy to calm down, others need to be punched (I hate touching people I don't know but if it's to cause some sizable amount of genuine pain...I'am so there!) Being that I can be a shy person, having worked security and door at shows, I feel a little more comfortable in my own skin. In no way am I thanking my employers for some "gift" I have received...just reflecting on the fact that not every work enviornment is complimentary to the battle against ones personal demons, if you will.

Oh yeah, I like making up names and stories for strangers. Let me tell you, there are alot of really "slutty" girls and alot of guys named "fucking douchebag" that come to shows in Detroit....

Sunday, December 13, 2009

December 9th - Crash Kings / Tally Hall Set Lists (The Magic Stick, Detroit)

Crash Kings
  1. Carry On
  2. 14 Arms
  3. All Along
  4. It's Only Wednesday
  5. Raincoat
  6. 2nd Rate
  7. Mt. Man
Tally Hall
  1. Never Meant To Know
  2. Welcome to Tally Hall
  3. A Lady
  4. Sacred Beast
  5. Good Day
  6. Turn Off The Lights
  7. Cannibal
  8. Spring And A Storm
  9. You and Me
  10. The Whole World and You

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Few Rules On Doing Security

1. i almost never confiscate stuff, unless the person is being obnoxious.
2. never hit a girl. arm, head, and leg locks are ok. that's it.
3. if someone pukes, they need to leave.
4. if someone falls asleep, they need to leave.
5. if a guy hits a girl in the face, destroy him.
6. if a brawl breaks out, watch out for other security. that's it.
7. guys who go into the girls bathroom get a warning. just one.
8. if a girl fight breaks out, watch...then break it up.
9. some drug dealers get one warning.
10. dont come to work without gloves or ear plugs.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Who the fuck do you think you are?

You know who YOU are. Step on my fucking toes, I don't care. But let's remember the biggest show you've ever had at your venue was booked by me and one other person (650+ kids showed up and you only hired 5 security guards, for the show.) I broke my back for you and your venue. Friendships were ruined, just so you can make a buck.

Now, I have something you want and you're trying to take it away from me? You're in for a big fucking suprise.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

H8INC - Setlist from Oct. 17th w/ Cro Mags, Hellmouth, Voice of Anger

no soul to pay
clockwork misery
we hate
cross your path
born dead
your time
mass extinction

*one of the best H8INC sets I've seen thus far...

Monday, October 19, 2009

You ARE nothing.

I work the door to a venue within Detroit's city limits, sometimes...

Outside of random punks, hip-hop people, and the random metal dudes...most people who come into this place listen to chameleon-like genre of music called "indie-rock". Worst still...most of these people (90% of which are in my peer age group) look the same, dress the same, and run with the same crews. Not that I'm down-talking loyalty but it's truly sad when you see the same faces, together, at the same places (it's like they dont wanna go anywhere else). Besides the fact that "these people" don't really contribute to their own scene, they certainly have no qualms about being the cancer on the bit of sub-culture that is left in this city we all "love so much".

How in the fuck do you expect bands and venues to thrive if none of you wanna pay cover for shows or beer (especially if you're a musician playing in a show)? Although America was founded on the 'take-and-take' way of life, "rock n roll" was not. Sure, along the way...people have tried to make it about themselves but guess what? Indie-rock (or whatever you wanna call that sound a fork makes when it is dragged across a chalkboard) is bigger than you. It's bigger than your friends. Music is bigger than your shitty plans for "the scene". It's bigger than the group of friends you stagger around Detroit with. Bigger than the mound of coke you put in your nasal cavity.

I spent most of my time with punks and metal-heads, two groups who normally have the worst reputation when in public. At least both of the groups I mentioned have integrity: punks may pay a $12 cover in change but they are still paying. Metal-heads might party SUPER FUCKING HARD and puke somewhere but at least they are paying for their own beers. Shit, both groups could get drinks tickets or free beers, drink all of those, go to the bar, and buy more. "Indie-kids" (or "assholes" as I call them) have a serious issue when it comes to respect for the culture and for themselves. What sickens me more than that whole group is some venue/bar owners are bowing to this fucking behavior.

It is you who will be the death of Detroit. Not us.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some Venues Have The Dumbest Rules...

Here are a few examples of why some venues are making it hard for bands to want to play in whatever town....

1. If a venue asks for a % of merch sales, it should be destroyed.
2. Venues that dont allow touring merch/roadie people in for free should be shut down (the easy way or the hard way).
3. Venues that only allow people to book shows at their place if they are a "regular" or attend meetings (and only those people) are fucking annoying.
4. Venues who dont provide one bottle of water per band member on stage needs to fucking die.
5. Any venue with jaded soundguys/soundgals should either fuck off or fire some of their employees.

Those are just a few....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cold As Life - Set List - Aug. 29th 2009 @ The Majestic

wake up
how much longer
scarred death back
i cant breathe
hardcore homeboy
detroit city
where are we going
10 till midnight
cold as life

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bad Town & Spick Of It All @ The Garden Bowl (aug. 27th)

Last night was interesting. After a 4 hour conversation with one of the original (Michigan) Courage Crew members and Niceguy-Rob, which involved German and Domestic beers being destroyed...our trek to the show began. The true way to start the evening is to listen to something ridiculous like blue-grass country, like us...

We arrive around 10pm or so to a busy bar of new and old punk-rockers. Some people who have been hanging out there as long as some people have been alive. Lots of old, familiar faces are peppered through out the Garden Bowl. First up was Spick Of It All. Per usual, Amado (singer) had props and confetti. They tore through a 25 minute set that included my personal favorite "Ses Pack" (aka Six Pack). It was nice to see people mosh to this band, considering the last few times I've seen them...the crowd seemed "too cool for school".

Bad Town came on next and let me tell was almost like watching Op Ivy: fuck-ups, beers, people moving (fast), skanking. It all happend. For a second, I think I saw a few people smile like it was the good old days. Sad that it takes a cover band to make people feel excited to be out, in Detroit, on a Thursday night.

My suggestion....keep your fucking eyes peeled for the next Bad Town show. For serious.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tonight....Bad Town (operation ivy cover band) & Spick Of It All (mexican-punk cover band)

Tonight should be rather interesting. Bad Town, a "supergroup" of local musicians doing Operation Ivy covers, is playing with Spick Of It All (also a "supergroup" of local mexican musicians playing punk-rock/hardcore hits with "modified" lyrics to promote being mexican) at The Garden Bowl. Both are doing about a half-hour of songs. The major disappointment is going to be...Bad Town not playing the song 'Bad Town'. More on this later....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Paper Fliers: Still Important or a waste of paper?

Paper or electronic fliers: what's more effective? I have had arguments and taken part in discussions revolving around what's more effective. Personally, I'm old-school and I will always be old-school cause that's how I learned. While that think seems to be "dated", it still seems to be the "right thing to do". Naturally, I've pulled shows together in a week with no fliers and had a better turn-out than most of the shows I worked on for two or three months. Does that mean I wasted money on getting materials made for a show? I don't think so. Part of what makes being a booking agent interesting is having the better looking fliers/posters.

Until I find a reason not to get promo-materials made, I will keep doing what I do....the way I want to do it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stage-Presence (or lack thereof)....

So what's the deal, bands? Even Black Dhalia Murder (or the original members that are still in the band) remember when they played their asses off to 20 people in a YMCA (and loved it). As we all know, some shows are gonna be better than others for many reasons (and it's not just cause the turn-out may or may not be there). Some of the best shows I've seen had maybe 25-30 people in attendence (example: As Friends Rust & Glasseater in my friend Jason Lockwood's basement in downtown Pontiac, MI...only about 30 something people.)

Rather than bore us with rhetoric about how shows suck these days and how "awesome" it is to play to other bands. No one wants to hear grown-folks complain...especially when it's partially their fuck-up that the turn-out isn't there. I mean, let's remember...the booking agent/promoter is responsible for alot but the lame isn't only ours to wear. There comes a point when people like me should get on a mic and talk about how much it sucks to do all of the work and get blamed for everything but credit for nothing.

You're letting me down. You're letting your friends down. You're selling yourself and your music short...because you have such a blase-attitude towards what you SHOULD be doing (including but not exclusive to giving 110% at every show and working with people who are only trying to help.) It takes a real asshole to point and yell. But it takes a real man/women to get involved, both literally and metaphorically. The choice is yours. I just hope you make the right one.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Beginning of The (Week)End.....Day 3

I had intended on writing about the show, last night, but as soon as we got back...I hit a bowl twice and feel asleep (mostly cause I was kinda drunk from the pitcher of beer I drank by myself.)

We walk into Oade's to find Ozenza hard at work on the pool table (make no mistake about this band: they will take your money!). A few people and Beast In The Field showed up roughly about 35-40 minutes before bands started playing. Ozenza went first. Good thing I'm not in a band and would have to follow that. For the past 4+ years, Ozenza has been writing some of the best down-tempo/"stoner"-rock in Michigan. Josh, their drummer, played as if he was channling Gonzo, himself. It was 6 or 7 songs later and they left some people asking the question 'Should I really play after that?'. As of late, Beast In The Field has been using much smaller set-ups for shows. Even so, Jordan still manages to make teeth chatter and lower intestines grumble with discomfort. Jamie's lumberjack-like approach to the drums is far and away one of the best drummers I have had the chance to see and hang out with. Beast's music really does sound like a glacier floating down a river or an avalanche of lava. The best thing one could do, while watching Beast In The Field destroy...? Stand there and take it like a human being.

The night ended with a hot, 40-minute set from Lansing's only REAL doom band, The Plague Years. Off and on, they will play with a bassist. This paticular show was just Derek and Steve. Aside from an extra body not being on stage, one would hardly notice with all of the low-end that is put out. The Plague Years' general attitude is simple: all of "this" will be over soon. Their music is what the apocolypse will sound like, a la vintage amps (ie. orange and green). While the song structures and chord progressions are in fact simple, it is the underlying idea behind their music that is so captavating to yours truly: the end is near and you only have one chance to be who and what you are behind closed doors. Seize this chance before it passes you by like traffic on the freeway.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Beginning of The (Week)End....Day 2

I forgot how uncomfortable a couch can be. (Note to self: drink more before sleeping on a couch.) Although I will admit that I have slept on some rather "questionable" surfaces including a washer and dryer, the floor of The Nain Rouge van, and the Caledonia-House couch that was in the living room (if that couch could talk, it would commit suicide from all of the nasty shit that has gone down on it's cushions.) However, I'm thankful to have friends out here who look out for me (Derek, Steve, Kori, and Kori's bf.) The apartment I'm staying at is set in what seems like the "student ghetto" of Michigan State University: basically, it's all college students over here. Rent is about $650 a month. Said apartment is laid-out kinda nice (two bedrooms, living room, a bathroom with a closest connected to it, and a balcony.) Outside of the Nuthouse and Stober's...this is probably one of my favorite places to kick it, in Lansing.

For me, the day of a show is like the first day of school and Christmas all rolled into one. You can almost never tell what's going to happen but you know you want it to happen already. Like I had mentioned in the previous blog, I get to spend the evening with friends (which means I'm guaranteed to have a good time, no matter what.) Ozenza, one of the bands playing tonight is what you might call a "stoner-rock band": think Doomriders, replace the punk-rock influence with classic rock, and you have Ozenza. In my honest and humble opinion, Ozenza is one of the very best (in Michigan, playing that style of music). Certainly one of the most underrated bands, period. Beast In The Field, probably the first two-piece doom bands to not suck in Michigan. Jamie and Jordan are, for lack of a better word, geniuses at what they do. Their music calls upon the classics such as Sleep, Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath, and Keelhaul. Jordan is most know for his 'larger-than-life' amp set-up which is taller than the backboard on a basketball hoop. One of the many things I like about Jamie is is his ability to back vans with trailers into tight parking/loading spots (in the words of Brad from The Nain Rouge...Jamie is putting on "clinics".)

Tonight, I look forward to a few things: 1. Obviously, I'm pumped to hang out with friends 2. music worth listening to and 3. the sound-guy freaking out. Wave goodbye, Lansing. It's almost over.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Beginning of The (Week)End....Day 1

Who would have thought: Lansing, Michigan is Ground Zero to 'the end, as we know it.'

The drive between Metro-Detroit and E. Lansing is fun, for me anyways. Generally speaking, I'm jamming Sleep's 'Dopesmoker' but this trip called for something a little "lighter", maybe it was the decent weather we got, so I went with Hot Hot Heat and Goatsnake (I know, weird. Indie/Pop-rock and "stoner/doom".)

Tomorrow's show is at a venue called 'Oades Hidden Camel' (Lansing, MI). If it weren't for the slightly awkward location, this bar would be pretty fucking cool. The bar staff is nice enough, their booking agent is a former musician (which means he understands what his real job is), and their drinks are cheap. One of my major complaints is their outdated sound-system. Now, I know...times are tough, no one can afford to sink $8-10k on new equipment but really...for such a decent sized room, they sure do have the bare essentials when it comes to monitors, etc. It's not strange to be asked to turn down and you're at 3 or 4 on your volume. It's rock-n-roll or metal or punk, it's suppose to be loud. Or no? Either way, it's all loud-as-fuck bands (Beast In The Field on Saw Her Ghost Records and Ozenza on Friction Records.) Their sound-guy won't have much of a choice and it will be kind of funny (or annoying) for all of us.

Those who live in Lansing can come to the show or just open the window. It's that simple. See you there.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Queers @ The Magic Stick - Sunday, March 29th

(this was not one of my shows).

Travis Criscola of The Cute Lepers, died the day before the show (a lethal combination of pills and beer killed him in his sleep.) So, my heart goes out to Tavis' family and The Cute Lepers. I've watched people OD'd on pills. One person, my buddy "Rob" almost died in my arms a few years back. Let that be a lesson to the gazillion and one people I know, in Detroit alone, who take pills while they are at the bar.

Anywho, people started showing up late. Suprised? I is a punk show. The even funnier part was I hung out with Jason Lockwood, who was the only security for the entire show mind you, and Sarah, who was running the door. Apparently, this was a "change" show. By that, I mean alot of PUNKS were paying in change (some got sophisticated and got a hold of dollar coins.) Why I found that hilarious, I really dont know.

The Amoebas, The Clots (ex- Toxic Shock Syndrome), and D.A. (Dougie Tangent of The Dewtons on drums) opened the show. My only complaint about any of them was The Amoebas...if you guys played faster, that would be cool. That's all I'am saying.

The Queers...well, let's say I got a lesson in the power of a punk-rock trio. They are one of the best punk bands, ever. In all fairness, I had never really checked them out and, in a way, I'am kinda glad I let their live show do the talking. As is the case with most bands I actually respect, the live show is key. People who stand in one place, introduce every song as "this next song is...", or talk shit about MY city can eat a bag of dicks. (Yeah, I went there...gonna do something about it? Other than talk shit about me on myspace that is...)

The next Silent Films Booking show is April 25th in Kalamazoo w/ The Plague Years.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

the atlas moth @ pj's lager house, march 5th

on the way to this show, i got a weird vibe like....something was going to happen.
sure enough, en route to the show, i got that text that no promoter wants to get...

'hey dude, our van is crapping out on us...we might not make it.' with that being said, i love flesh eating flesh...but they need a new van so please, donate money or buy what little merch they have left.

anywho, three bands arrived at the same time (tried in absentia, the atlas moth, return of the fight). it was kind of a bummer-night because of a certain bar-crawl across town. one thing i have to admit is i hate when singers of bands remind everyone that it's just you, the bands, and a few friends. yeah, that sucks....sorry but move on. not naming names but someone did that and it always gets under my skin.

the atlas moth rules, live, and i feel bad for anyone who doesnt make it a point to see these dudes.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

sweet bars....LANSING

the nuthouse and stober's are my favorite bars in lansing, mostly cause i dont have to deal with lame indie kids or lame hip-hop/metal kids. i suggest you go to these places, if you like to drink stuff that's bad for you.

Monday, February 9, 2009

some rambling about stuff (and a few things too)

For the few of us who were lucky enough to go away to summer camp have fond memories of making new/exciting friends, staying up late, forming little crushes, learning new skills, and growing as a young person. We recall stories of when we sat around a campfire and told scary stories or hikes in the woods. Some of us were even lucky enough to steal a kiss or two, whilst sneaking to and from a cabin or tent. There are a few of us who go camping from time to time and spend most of the trip drunk, stoned, or getting laid. Basically, all of those things are the very essence of "being on tour".
Some of my favorite times, on tour, were shared with strangers who I may never see again. The night spent, in the van, getting high and drinking lethal amounts of liquor/beer are (and were) priceless. Each of us who has been blessed with a ticket out of whatever state find some weird appreciation for sleeping in uncomfortable positions, in strange places, with "strange" people. Stolen kisses at a bar, hikes to and from gas stations when the van breaks down, learning how to change a tire on the side of the road (in a snow storm), how to convince cops to not search the van, and how to throw a few punches (when need be)'s all worth it.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Feb. 6th @ Basement 414: Flesh Eating Flesh / Acoustic Corpse / Balboa

Dont start drinking Seagrams 7 three hours before you play a the time your band is ready to play, you're going to be shit-faced.

The day started off, as it should, at the House of Bass: a blunt, a 7 & coke drink, and 7 & 7 shots. Flesh Eating Flesh and Kayzia of Acoustic Corpse are certainly dopesmokers, so it's no wonder we left late and arrived even later. Finding Basement 414 was an adventure in it's self....we went right to 414 E. Michigan (which is an apartment building.) After having somewhat of a Spinal Tap moment, where we walked through the basement to find the stage door, we came to the conclusion that we were in the wrong building all together. After a few frantic phone calls, we got on track and found the place.

Basement 414 is an all ages venue/art space tucked in a random alley near 'The Nuthouse' (one of the best sports bars in Lansing - fyi: i hate sports bars but L-O-V-E this one.) Walking in was a trip, literally: the space was set up in three rooms that were covered in acid-inspired artwork that was hanging from fishline that was taped or stapled to the ceiling. The guys and I did the once over almost immediately (that means we walked around and looked for places to drink and people who look like they might sell us some drugs.) After loading in and setting up, it was all over: some of us went to the liquor store and some of us stood around, mean-mugging everyone.

One thing I always find funny is bands that are from the area of whatever show...always want to play first or as early as possible (which was the case at this show, with Balboa.) Of course, after giving them what they wanted, they took off as soon as they were done playing (sorry I couldnt pay you guys a bunch of fucking money.) By the time Flesh Eating Flesh went on, they were wasted (at least Kurt, their singer, was blown out.)

After FEF's blazing-set of true death-metal, Kurt let loose: he picked fights with people who worked their. At one point, I had to try and drag him away (fyi: Kurt is 6'0" and pushing 240lbs.) We left after I was told security from the club upstairs was coming down to beat our asses. Needless to say, the drive home was quiet....either because everyone but "Kranker-Man" and Kurt feel asleep or because everyone, amidst the alcohol, was trying to compute what actually happend.

We got home after 4am.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

something bands should try to understand about being booking agent...

I'll make this simple and as non-offensive as possible: most bands...dont understand the first thing about booking shows ad being a booking agent. The few that do know...are hard to come by. Most dudes (or girls, for that matter) dont have the paitence to deal with booking but when it comes to their band making money, they have all of the time in the world. What I find most interesting is very few bands assume the responsibility of helping promote their own shows (it's no wonder some of you play to the people you are sleeping with and the staff of whatever venue.)

If the show does well, I dont make much money cause bands expect to get paid well. If the show does band, I have to hear about how I'am "a liar" and "ripping people off". Truth are ripping yourself and I off: I spend alot more money promoting than some of you do on gas to get anywhere. You may feel like you are owed something...well, you're right. I owe some of you a punch across the mouth. That's it.

Until you understand where I'am coming from...continue to bitch. Keep trying to drag my slightly good name through the mud. Sue me. Try to break my spirit. It's not going to stop me. Your bullshit won't affect the things I have done and will do, in my lifetime.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Friday, January 23rd: Mean Mother / Marshall Plan / Winnie Cooper

Alright...Grand Rapids, I love you very much. But seriously, what's with some of you nutjobs?

The drive out to GR took about 2 hours, finding Teazer's took 20 minutes (one thing GR and Detroit has in common is it's metropolis made of one-ways.) By the time we* got to the bar, Winnie Cooper had already started. Teazer's is a sports bar in an industrial district about 6-7 minutes northwest of the downtown area. One of the first things I noticed about this bar, that struck me as "odd", was their lack of a smokeeter (a smoke filter that most bars, i thought, were mandated to have one present.)

On my way to the bathroom, I came around a corner to find a room with a pool table and next to pong. Yes, BEER a fucking bar. Where most bars seem to frown on people getting "out of hand", this bar almost seemed to encourage it. The drink prices were typical, the bar staff was slow (with 4 waitresses, I waited about 20 minutes.) As soon as I got my drink, I made my way to a table in the back, near my buddies in Marshall Plan.

Winnie Cooper is five-piece indie-rock band. Not bad at all, just kind of a weird opener for Mean Mother and Marshall Plan. I hate to say it but by the time they finished up, most people were at the point where they needed to hear something that....rocked?

Mean Mother isn't a band to be taken lightly. Watching them play is like being hit by an eighteen-wheeler...or a soft-tail. One of the two. Since Ben Roeske's depature, Old Man Kelly (from Today I Wait) has taken of his guitar duties and Jason Shrum does his singing. Their new stuff is much better than their older songs (or maybe that it's just time they started playing songs that aren't 5+ years old.

Marshall Plan is a west Michigan gem. A hidden gem, mind you. These guys are great but there seems to be a lack of real interest in rock bands of their caliber. If you have the chance to see them (on the westside...because they almost never play anywhere else), I suggest you do it.

*we = niceguy-rob, jason lockwood and megan

ps. listen to ac/dc when you are driving somewhere like GR.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

so it begins....

So here we first blog. I've been on the fence about this business but it seems as though I have so much material, it makes sense to start now before I forget it all. In this blog, you will read this about people. People you know and people you dont know. I will say things indiscriminately (that means some people are NOT going to like what is being said about them.) For alot of reasons, I may change the names of some "characters" to protect the guilty. However, in some will be damn near impossible to protect the terrible name some people hold so dear to their hearts. Fear not, some of this blog will involve my own mistakes (after all, I'am just a dickface like some of you.)

Consider yourself warned, bitches.

We'll start with the obvious decision for my first blog....Silent Films Booking. Basically, I started booking shows because a few years ago, bands I used to hang out with were going their seperate ways and I had nothing to do; no plans for the weekend. Considering I knew just about all of the people one would need to know to become a booking agent, it only made sense. 2002 was the year...and I think one of the first bands I started working with was M59 (mostly because I had a crush on the bassist, at the time. just so you know, her name is rosa.) Things didn't really start getting hot until a year later. Shows started pilling up, like a motherfucker. One thing I didn't understand then (and still dont understand to this day) is there are all of these bands but absolutely NO ONE thought 'hey, someone needs to book these shows we talk about playing....maybe i should learn how to do something other than act like a pretentious prick'. Now, not everyone who I dealt/deal with is pretentious but that is a reoccuring problem with musicians.

I've had the pleasure of working with the very best and nicest musicians, in my eyes. If you would have told me in 2002 that I would do the things I have done, I would have laughed. I'am just one guy doing a job for three or more people. There were shows were I came home drunk (and not alone) because the shows went well. Other times, I didn't want to come home so shitty musicians couldn't find me and rag on me about how I "didn't do my job". Six years later, I'am still asking myself 'why?'. There are times when I wish I could "retire" and just get a regular 9-5 job, like everyone else. My only defense, for people who agree with that last sentence: what the fuck is gonna happen to the music scene we all love, here in Detroit, if I do retire? Too many bands who deserve a fucking chance....won't get the respect or the time of day that they deserve.

2500 Club, Paychecks, Small's, The Painted Lady, Vault 13/Von's, The Magic Stick, Northern Lights, The Factory, The Firehouse (Ohio), Miss Q's (Indiana), The Davenport (Ohio), Mac's, 'The Wesley' (mt. pleasant, mi), basements, backyards, living rooms....and beyond. Anywhere, anytime....I will book a show if people want to see music that isnt BULLSHIT.

The Nain Rouge, Signs Of Collapse, The Plague Years....these guys deserve the credit for giving me the 'show-bug'. I say that because these are the bands that I have spent the most time with. These guys showed/show the most respect. They gave me a chance at making some decisions. I will never be able to thank these dudes enough.

Anywho, I don't know if I will ever 'retire'. One thing is for sure....the goal I had set for myself, six years ago, has come true: Detroit will not be the same, after I start booking shows (especially heavy bands). Bands like Crossing Point (S. African HxC) and Amenra (Belgium, metal) wouldn't have come to Detroit, if it wasn't for the fact that I put my name out there...plain and simple. Too many bands, good and bad, wouldn't have gone past the practice space if it wasn't for my dedication to a thank-less job (and some of you fucking cocksuckers need to remember that.)

I'am proud to be a booking agent. I'am proud of Detroit. Nothing will change that.