Monday, February 9, 2009

some rambling about stuff (and a few things too)

For the few of us who were lucky enough to go away to summer camp have fond memories of making new/exciting friends, staying up late, forming little crushes, learning new skills, and growing as a young person. We recall stories of when we sat around a campfire and told scary stories or hikes in the woods. Some of us were even lucky enough to steal a kiss or two, whilst sneaking to and from a cabin or tent. There are a few of us who go camping from time to time and spend most of the trip drunk, stoned, or getting laid. Basically, all of those things are the very essence of "being on tour".
Some of my favorite times, on tour, were shared with strangers who I may never see again. The night spent, in the van, getting high and drinking lethal amounts of liquor/beer are (and were) priceless. Each of us who has been blessed with a ticket out of whatever state find some weird appreciation for sleeping in uncomfortable positions, in strange places, with "strange" people. Stolen kisses at a bar, hikes to and from gas stations when the van breaks down, learning how to change a tire on the side of the road (in a snow storm), how to convince cops to not search the van, and how to throw a few punches (when need be)'s all worth it.

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