Sunday, December 19, 2010

while detroit might be a concrete jungle, not everyone can be king kong

Take a good look at your surroundings.

We are in a concrete jungle. This jungle has it's predators and prey (self-righteous, self-absorbed attention whores and scenesters.) While survival is key no matter what, these animals have forgotten the word 'respect'. This generation of jaguars, alligators, monkeys, guerrillas, and snakes has failed in evolving into something great (the true sign of a successful existence). These animals, who's sole concern is to take, know only that: desire supersedes all else. WRONG.

The truly frustrating people is making these wild beasts understand that it isn't just them that has to survive out here. This jungle you stomp around in is at stake. Your domain in which you shit talk is at stake. Pull the foliage out of your face and take a look around. There is no room for single-minded actions. We either work together or we will watch this jungle burn to the ground....together.

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