Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It wasn't suppose to turn out like this

I wish I could explain the series of events that have led me to where I have found myself today. Friends have come and gone (much like the bands I've dealt with over the years). 9 years of guarantees (paid or not), fighting with people/friends about money, burned bridges, etc. When I first got started, the guy who taught me most of everything I know (Jason Lockwood) told me two things: 1. there are gonna be times when you are gonna have to do things that will make you lose sleep at night 2. this is about the bands and nothing else.

There have, in fact, been times where I have had to tell friends/bands that the money thing didn't work out. Some of these friends won't speak to me anymore, nor will any of those bands book shows through me. It's always rough but I've learned that there will be a 'tomorrow' and the reason why I choose to be a booking agent is far more important than hurt feelings or relationships. No, I don't have the best reputation with some people but what I do have is a reputation (for better or worse). What I have done is my small way of giving back to a community that has given so much to me.

It's not about making a name for myself or the booking company that I started on my own: it's about the bands who struggle to make things work. It's about respect and honesty. Honestly, I respect this craft. I respect anyone who does this and continues to do it long after it's "not cool anymore". If you can stick with it, you have much bigger fucking balls than anyone else on the block (or in the bar for that matter).

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