Monday, October 19, 2009

You ARE nothing.

I work the door to a venue within Detroit's city limits, sometimes...

Outside of random punks, hip-hop people, and the random metal dudes...most people who come into this place listen to chameleon-like genre of music called "indie-rock". Worst still...most of these people (90% of which are in my peer age group) look the same, dress the same, and run with the same crews. Not that I'm down-talking loyalty but it's truly sad when you see the same faces, together, at the same places (it's like they dont wanna go anywhere else). Besides the fact that "these people" don't really contribute to their own scene, they certainly have no qualms about being the cancer on the bit of sub-culture that is left in this city we all "love so much".

How in the fuck do you expect bands and venues to thrive if none of you wanna pay cover for shows or beer (especially if you're a musician playing in a show)? Although America was founded on the 'take-and-take' way of life, "rock n roll" was not. Sure, along the way...people have tried to make it about themselves but guess what? Indie-rock (or whatever you wanna call that sound a fork makes when it is dragged across a chalkboard) is bigger than you. It's bigger than your friends. Music is bigger than your shitty plans for "the scene". It's bigger than the group of friends you stagger around Detroit with. Bigger than the mound of coke you put in your nasal cavity.

I spent most of my time with punks and metal-heads, two groups who normally have the worst reputation when in public. At least both of the groups I mentioned have integrity: punks may pay a $12 cover in change but they are still paying. Metal-heads might party SUPER FUCKING HARD and puke somewhere but at least they are paying for their own beers. Shit, both groups could get drinks tickets or free beers, drink all of those, go to the bar, and buy more. "Indie-kids" (or "assholes" as I call them) have a serious issue when it comes to respect for the culture and for themselves. What sickens me more than that whole group is some venue/bar owners are bowing to this fucking behavior.

It is you who will be the death of Detroit. Not us.