Friday, July 24, 2009

The Beginning of The (Week)End....Day 1

Who would have thought: Lansing, Michigan is Ground Zero to 'the end, as we know it.'

The drive between Metro-Detroit and E. Lansing is fun, for me anyways. Generally speaking, I'm jamming Sleep's 'Dopesmoker' but this trip called for something a little "lighter", maybe it was the decent weather we got, so I went with Hot Hot Heat and Goatsnake (I know, weird. Indie/Pop-rock and "stoner/doom".)

Tomorrow's show is at a venue called 'Oades Hidden Camel' (Lansing, MI). If it weren't for the slightly awkward location, this bar would be pretty fucking cool. The bar staff is nice enough, their booking agent is a former musician (which means he understands what his real job is), and their drinks are cheap. One of my major complaints is their outdated sound-system. Now, I know...times are tough, no one can afford to sink $8-10k on new equipment but really...for such a decent sized room, they sure do have the bare essentials when it comes to monitors, etc. It's not strange to be asked to turn down and you're at 3 or 4 on your volume. It's rock-n-roll or metal or punk, it's suppose to be loud. Or no? Either way, it's all loud-as-fuck bands (Beast In The Field on Saw Her Ghost Records and Ozenza on Friction Records.) Their sound-guy won't have much of a choice and it will be kind of funny (or annoying) for all of us.

Those who live in Lansing can come to the show or just open the window. It's that simple. See you there.

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