Monday, March 30, 2009

The Queers @ The Magic Stick - Sunday, March 29th

(this was not one of my shows).

Travis Criscola of The Cute Lepers, died the day before the show (a lethal combination of pills and beer killed him in his sleep.) So, my heart goes out to Tavis' family and The Cute Lepers. I've watched people OD'd on pills. One person, my buddy "Rob" almost died in my arms a few years back. Let that be a lesson to the gazillion and one people I know, in Detroit alone, who take pills while they are at the bar.

Anywho, people started showing up late. Suprised? I is a punk show. The even funnier part was I hung out with Jason Lockwood, who was the only security for the entire show mind you, and Sarah, who was running the door. Apparently, this was a "change" show. By that, I mean alot of PUNKS were paying in change (some got sophisticated and got a hold of dollar coins.) Why I found that hilarious, I really dont know.

The Amoebas, The Clots (ex- Toxic Shock Syndrome), and D.A. (Dougie Tangent of The Dewtons on drums) opened the show. My only complaint about any of them was The Amoebas...if you guys played faster, that would be cool. That's all I'am saying.

The Queers...well, let's say I got a lesson in the power of a punk-rock trio. They are one of the best punk bands, ever. In all fairness, I had never really checked them out and, in a way, I'am kinda glad I let their live show do the talking. As is the case with most bands I actually respect, the live show is key. People who stand in one place, introduce every song as "this next song is...", or talk shit about MY city can eat a bag of dicks. (Yeah, I went there...gonna do something about it? Other than talk shit about me on myspace that is...)

The next Silent Films Booking show is April 25th in Kalamazoo w/ The Plague Years.

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  1. the amoebas played the best set of anyone at that show. you're loopy, dude.