Thursday, March 5, 2009

the atlas moth @ pj's lager house, march 5th

on the way to this show, i got a weird vibe like....something was going to happen.
sure enough, en route to the show, i got that text that no promoter wants to get...

'hey dude, our van is crapping out on us...we might not make it.' with that being said, i love flesh eating flesh...but they need a new van so please, donate money or buy what little merch they have left.

anywho, three bands arrived at the same time (tried in absentia, the atlas moth, return of the fight). it was kind of a bummer-night because of a certain bar-crawl across town. one thing i have to admit is i hate when singers of bands remind everyone that it's just you, the bands, and a few friends. yeah, that sucks....sorry but move on. not naming names but someone did that and it always gets under my skin.

the atlas moth rules, live, and i feel bad for anyone who doesnt make it a point to see these dudes.

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